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Soul Song Coaching

Intuitive coaching for your soul to support you in living a resonant,

wholehearted, fulfilled life.



Hi, I’m Sophia.  I am an intuitive soul coach and embodiment teacher. 


Let me ask you: what is your soul’s song?  Are you living a song that’s meant for you…or someone else’s tune that doesn’t resonate?


With my coaching, I’ll support you in singing the beautiful, unique song that your soul wants to live in this life.  


I believe in a deep, honest embodiment, and being present with what truly is.  With this guiding principle, I support my clients in deep, positive transformation.  My intention is to help people embrace their unique soul song so they can ultimately live to their full potential.


Find out more about me here, and more about what I offer here.  You can connect with me here.

Sophia Tsai


"I've been working with Sophia for a little over a month and already my life feels more balanced and my mind feels calmer.

During our sessions, Sophia already helped me open a door to a room that I feel has been locked my entire life. One of my favorite parts about our sessions is the imagery that Sophia uses to help me see what's behind that door and why it's there. Sophia's techniques allowed me to think and analyze the underlying root causes of deeply rooted issues.

Sophia is warm and accepting, which I highly value in someone who is helping me to work through personal trauma. She is flexible and reasonable with time and I never feel rushed. I would recommend Sophia as a soul coach to anyone who is ready to face their shadows and ultimately enrich their lives."     
- D. B.

"I started my spiritual journey several years ago and was beginning to plateau at around the same time Sophia began her spiritual coaching practice. I had already experienced Sophia as a fantastic life and leadership coach as her practical and grounded approach aligned with my own style.


Bringing parts of that approach along with the addition of tapping into deep intuition and source energy has taken both Sophia's coaching capabilities and my time with her to a whole new level. Sophia's coaching is exactly what I have needed to move into finding a deeper and more meaningful connection, understanding, and acceptance with all of the aspects of who I am, the parts I'm proud of as well as the parts I'm not. The work is difficult and often surprising in the best possible way but always worth it. I highly recommend Sophia if you are very dedicated to progressing in your own spiritual journey and highly value an intuitive approach."    - T.L.

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