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About Your Intuitive Soul Coach, Sophia

I am an intuitive soul coach, embodiment teacher, and integrity preacher.  I support people in getting in touch with their unique soul song and truly living it as genuinely and authentically as they can.

Sophia Tsai

How did I get here?  I previously worked in various corporations as a leadership development professional, but I reached a point in my life where I was so out of integrity with myself, I knew I had to completely change how I was living if I wanted to find true fulfillment and flow.  Incremental adjustments or a simple job change were not going to work this time.  I had to hit the “blow everything up and completely reset” button.


I walked away from my high-paying corporate job and the title I worked so hard to obtain.  I then took many months to simply focus on myself, doing deep soul-searching.  I spent a large portion of my time doing deep healing inner work, deep embodiment, and shadow work, getting clear on who I really am, understanding what I truly love and dislike, and also gaining clarity on what I’m meant to do.  


I am now excited to be offering intuitive soul coaching to those who feel called to work with me.  I want to help you live in alignment with what your soul wants for you.


  • Certified Life and Leadership Coach, PCC, CPCC

  • Leadership Development Professional and Facilitator

    • Netflix Global Head of Leadership Development

    • SpaceX Leadership Development

    • Dropbox Learning & Development Lead

    • Bain & Company Associate Consultant

  • B.A., Stanford University

Leadership Consulting Services

In addition to being an intuitive soul coach, I also am a professional leadership facilitator, consultant, and coach.  You can learn more about those services on my consulting website:

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