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what I offer

I conduct private sessions with my coaching clients.  Each of these sessions is tailored to what each client needs at the moment.  


I truly believe in this philosophy of tailoring my coaching to meet my clients' needs, and I apply that to my fee structure as well.  I currently don't offer coaching packages since I don't believe in boxing clients into structures that may not fit their needs.  Instead, I charge per coaching session and only for the time used.  My hope is for each client to receive exactly the right amount of coaching they personally need at any given point.

My coaching sessions are held over video or phone calls, so timing and location are flexible.

One of my main focuses is supporting my clients in deep embodiment so that they can get extremely clear on what they need and want, as well as heal.  I coach to help untangle congested energy so that my clients can live with more flow.  I also support clients in shadow work when needed, so that they can come to fully recognize and acknowledge their whole selves and ultimately live wholly in alignment with all of themselves.  Basically: I work to support my clients in being in integrity with their whole selves so that they can live their lives to their full potential.

I usually recommend we start with a chemistry call to see if we are a good fit for working together.  During the call, I can share more about my approach, and we can talk about your goals as well as what you may be struggling with and want support on.  If we determine it's a mutually good fit, we can get started with coaching.


While I only charge per session, I do generally recommend anyone seeking coaching to at least receive coaching weekly for 3 months minimum.  It takes time for change and transformation to happen, and you usually need at least a few months of concentrated intent and momentum in order to achieve positive transformation.  Deeper and bigger transformation typically takes clients longer than 3 months.

who i work well with

Clients who will find my coaching effective are clients who are passionate about, courageous enough for, and committed to deep, transformative change.  Incremental improvement is much easier than deep transformation, and I take on clients who are only ready for the latter.  I’ve found that ultimately, deep transformation is where people can unlock their soul’s song and truly live it.  This requires clients to be open to working with their emotions and how those show up in their bodies.  This is usually very challenging, especially since most of us have been conditioned in a fast-moving society to quickly move on and ignore inconvenient feelings.  However, I’ve found the most healing and the most flow happens once you start being inclusive of all parts of yourself, including those “inconvenient” feelings. 

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