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How I Got Here

For those of you who have come upon this blog, I wanted to share my personal experiences and stories that have led me to where I am today.

I am writing my blog posts for a few reasons:

  1. To own my transformative life experiences, to reflect on my personal learnings, and to heal.

  2. To support others who may find parts of my life resonating with them - you are not alone.

  3. In hopes that these entries will resonate with my potential future clients, who can then get a better sense of what I bring to the table.

For this first post, I’ll start with my most important transformative and pivotal decision to date: a little over a year ago, on April 2, 2021, I left my corporate job, with only the plan to take time off from work to recover from burnout and also heal. I was walking away from the most money I’d ever made in my life, a prestigious company with a culture I was excited about, and also walking away from a title and position I thought I’d always wanted.

It was one of the scariest things I’ve done in my life, but also, it was a decision I am extremely grateful I found the courage to make. By that point in my life, I’d spent about a decade in corporate life. My corporate life took different twists and turns, with me constantly trying to find the perfect setup where I’d be happy in a corporate job. If I had a better company culture…if I had a better team culture…if I had a better manager…if I had a different position….if I had a higher salary…..if I had, if I had, if I had.

In my most recent corporate job, I came to a point where all those checkboxes were checked. I really liked the company culture, I loved my manager, I was working with incredible coworkers, and I finally had a title and position I wanted. And yet, I still wasn’t feeling fulfilled, nor happy, nor excited. In fact, all I could feel was soul-crushing burnout. At that point, I was forced to confront the reality of the situation: I realized I had to change the entire way I was living, because clearly, everything I thought I needed to be happy wasn’t actually what I needed to be happy.

After stepping down from my role, I focused on getting extremely honest with myself around what I liked, disliked, and what that meant for how I truly want to live.

I discovered some surprising things about myself, including the fact that I enjoy cooking. I honestly had never tried before - I was always too busy with my job - but now that I had space and time to explore, I found that I love the act of working with my hands and creating nourishing and delicious dishes. I also discovered I really like being out in nature and enjoying wide open space and beautiful landscapes (whereas, I previously always hated going outside the house - I didn't have time for nature!).

I also realized that I really loved the flexibility of being able to make my own schedule without the constraints that come with a corporate environment. I especially loved being able to just honor being present and following my energy in the moment: if I felt like I wanted to move, I could go outside for a walk, or workout, or dance. If I felt I wanted to concentrate on a particular endeavor I was excited about, I'd sit down and focus for an hour or two and stop after I felt I no longer had energy for that specific project. If I felt like I needed a nap, nothing was stopping me from taking a quick power nap and feeling refreshed after. It was absolutely liberating.

Over the months, I found paying attention to my energy and honoring it, as well as listening to my intuition, enabled me to feel much more aligned with life, and far more joyful than I had ever been. It was eye-opening to experience living in this totally completely new paradigm. I took time to examine and then deconstruct many of my limiting beliefs like:

  • I am worthless unless I am making money

  • I am only a "somebody" if I have an important job title

  • I must make plans and strategize for my career’s next step immediately, or else I'm being irresponsible and lazy

...and many more like this. It was not easy, but taking the time to do that has been extremely worthwhile. It felt like I was taking off a straitjacket, and I could finally just look at my own true wants, desires, and beliefs without the interference of societal, cultural, and parental expectations.

I am also grateful that during this time I had the support of an incredible embodiment and intuitive coach, who helped accelerate me getting really real with myself, as well as showing me how powerful full embodiment is for healing and living in alignment.

My self-reflection, meditation, and deep embodiment of my whole being ultimately led to me deciding this: when I finally fully recovered from burnout, I needed to go all-in on my dream of being a deeply transformational coach and supporting others in living in alignment.

Previously, I was already a certified life and leadership coach, and I had a small business doing those types of coaching before, but I only ever did that as a side hustle to my “main” corporate job. Now, I could tell, it was time to dive into coaching as opposed to finding another corporate job. And, I needed to evolve my coaching style: I knew I had to incorporate everything I've learned about living a fulfilled life since I left corporate, which meant I needed to not only use the previous coaching skills I learned, but incorporate intuition and deep embodiment to get truly deep, constructive, transformational results.

And thus, here I am, starting Soul Song Coaching. I am excited and ready to serve as an intuitive soul coach.


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